7. George Shumate's "Almost Home"  (Used with permission)

7. George Shumate's "Almost Home"
(Used with permission)

Here are more than a 'baker's dozen' links to some of our favorite websites dealing with the Model A Ford.  They're in no particular order, and we'll add more as we go along.  Just click on the bold words to go right to the website.  (If the links don't work for you, please let us know!!)  Perhaps you'll find a site that gives you help and/or ideas to restore your Model A, to solve that pesky problem, or maybe you'd just like to learn more about your hobby.  Enjoy! (If you have a favorite website, use the form on the left of the "Contact Us" page to send it to us.)

Choices of hats - like LINKS - are endless. These hats were found in the entryway of Unbridled Farm. (Greg Jones)

Choices of hats - like LINKS - are endless. These hats were found in the entryway of Unbridled Farm. (Greg Jones)

  1. The Model "A" Barnyard is a site by Marco Tahtaras - has a little bit of everything about Model A's.  Visit his "workshop" for technical information and tips, the "Corral" to see Model A body styles, and "Down the Road" offers you even more links!

  2. Guess what the site Ahooga is all about?  Dale Clinton advertises this as "Your Model-A Ford Home on the Web", and you're guaranteed to find something of interest.

  3. The Ford Barn is a daily stop for many of us. The "Forums" have discussions on all Ford-related subjects; the "Swap Meet" may help you find that elusive part you need.

  4. "A" World is a site just for kids and Model A's.  Its newsletter is published 4 times a year and is written for school age children from Kindergarten through 12th grade.Check out the subscription offer for your kids or grandkids.  (We 'old-timers' can learn things, too!!)

  5. The Model A Ford Foundation, Inc. (MAFFI) has just completed a Model A Ford Museum at the Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan.  Check it (and the Gilmore) out!

  6. The Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) is the largest club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile.  Here you'll find information about era fashions, chapters throughout the world, free classified ads for members, etc.

  7. Artist George Shumate of Roanoke, Virginia has at least five Model A prints.  At his website, look under "Nostalgia" to see "Almost Home", "Family Tradition", "Forever Young", "Papa's House", “Independence Day Ride” and "Trooper's Ride".

  8. An antique, classic, vintage and special interest auto marketplace, Hemmings Motor News contains plenty of news for restorers, as well as a listing of upcoming collector car hobby events. Each day, Monday through Friday, their editors will send you a free newsletter including the Hemmings "Find of The Day" and news from the collector car hobby and featured classified ads.

  9. Skinned Knuckles magazine is for the collector interested in restoring a vehicle to its original condition.  They advertise:  'our subscriber is the handy, grease-under-the-fingernails type of mechanic who DRIVES his car!'

  10. Interested in Model T's?  Visit Model T Ford Club of America, the world's largest Model T Ford Club.

  11. Check out our 'sister' club in Augusta, the Shade Tree A's.  See what they've been up to!

  12. Another large, well-known national Model A Ford Club is the Model A Restorers Club (MARC).  You'll find tons of research here.  They also have a classified ads section.

  13. Looking for parts or services to fix or restore your "A" (or "T")?  These offer help, and many have catalogs.

    1. Bentley's Antique Auto Service - owner Bentley "Benny" Bohanon says his business can do just about anything to a Model A Ford! He's located in Maysville, GA

    2. Bratton's Antique Auto Parts - Model A parts since 1976, located in Mount Airy, MD.  Check out their Scratch & Dent/Original Parts section.

    3. LeBaron Bonney Co. specializes in antique and custom auto interiors and upholstery; located in Amesbury, MA

    4. Mac's Auto Parts advertises parts and accessories for any old, vintage, antique, classic or obsolete Ford car or truck.  You'll find Cartouche upholstery here; located in Lockport, NY.

    5. Mike Butcher's Mike's "A" Ford-able Parts specializes in 1928-1931 Model A Ford Parts, located in Maysville, GA. He has a new 1932-34 division.

    6. Smith and Jones Antique Auto Parts - parts for your "A" and "T" just up the road in West Columbia, SC

    7. Snyder's Antique Auto Parts - 'the World's Largest Selection of 1909-31 Ford Parts, located in Springfield, OH